How to make Latkes, Potato pancakes, Деруни.

Here is a simple recipe for latkes, potato pancakes, or deruni the last one is a Russian, Ukrainian name for potato pancakes. This recipe follows the style of potato pancakes (Latkes) according to the Russian style, the difference is that the potato is more finely grated. The regular potato pancakes are made with medium grated potato, where deruni are made with potato that is finely grated.

What you will need.

2.5 Kg (5.5Lb) pealed potatoes about 19 medium sized.

470 gram Onion, - 2 medium sized onion.

30 gram garlic - 1 head.

30 gram salt.

15 gram black paper.

15 grams baking soda.

5 grams of baking powder - 1 teaspoon.

30 grams of whole wheat flour.

20 grams of white flower.

Some vegetable oil.

2 eggs.

You will also need either a fine food grater or a blender, with the blender you will cut you time in more than half on grinding the potato and the onion and your arms want hurt after an hour of manual grating. In this reciepe I will be using an electric blender, if you will have a manual grater than you will have to grate all the ingredient.

Start with cutting your potato and onion in to quarters or smaller so you can blend them in the blender, (if you will be grating them manually do not cut them up it will make it difficult to grate)when you will be blending do not blend them to pulp, but use short bursts so it will chop up the potato to a fine pulp but not runny consistency. If your potato are ground to consistency of apple sauce that is to runny and you will have to use more flower, pay attention to this proses it is very important.

After blending you potatoes blend the onion and the garlic to a putting so you want have pieces of them in your individual potato pancakes. In order to get the process started I usually put one egg in the blender with the onion and garlic, that helps to start the process of blending.

After you finished blending put all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl and mix the rest of ingredients together.

Preheat your pan and put a little of vegetable oil use medium low heat, this is another difference that in traditional latkes you need to use high heat and lots of oil, more like deep fry. After frying them put them either in ether a bowl or a pot and let them rest for few minutes, I usually take them off a frying pan and put them in a pot, by the time I'm finished with frying all of them the pot is full and they are ready to eat.

When you serve them serve them from the bottom of the pot first and enjoy them with your friends and family.