How to fire your bread or pizza oven.

Many people struggle to get a great fire going in the oven with out constantly putting more wood in. Today I would like to share how I start a fire and heat the oven with out checking on it every 10 minutes, when I just started with my oven that's what I had to do, constantly add wood to the fire just to keep it going. After few tries I learned a new trick and it made life easier for me.


Start with a small fire started with ether thin dry wood or dry twigs, this fire should be started fairly close to the front in order for the fire to have sufficient oxygen and to get it going well. After the fire is nice and going take long pieces of wood that will fit from the back to the front of the oven, and fill the oven up as much as possible, and I mean fill it up, don't be afraid of having to much wood in the oven.

The next thing you will need is to have some extra bricks handy so you can control the fire. Once your fire is going push back your coals about a foot towards the back. By now your wood should be engulfed in flame and the fire will start making its way back, consuming all the wood that you put in the oven. Now to the extra bricks, once the fire is nice and hot put a layer of bricks in front of the opening closing some of the air flow and helping the floor of the oven heat up in the front. You can add another layer of brick as your fire gets hotter, when I fire my oven I sometimes have up to three layers of bricks closing off the air flow thus having a slow fire that heats up the oven more equally. Try this technique and you will be happy with the results.