How to Dry Apples

After purchasing 1,000 pounds of apples I got into a dilemma what to do with them, so i decided to go and check out prices in natural stores for dried apples, when I saw that they sell them for $9.99 per pound I decided to make some myself, and would encourage all to do so. Here is the process that I use, and it makes great tasting and looking apple snack.

To start you will need some basic tools for this trade.

Things you will need.

Dehydrator - I purchased one at Bi Mart for $49.00 and it comes with 4 trays but you can expend it up to 12 tray if you want to make lots of dry food, it allso comes with a plate where you can make your own fruit rolls.

Cutting board - to cut you apples on.

Peeler - I wander what this is for.

Apple Corer - to corr the apples a knife can be used if you know how to core an apple with it, but for me, I need to use a corer.

Medium bowl - We will put pineapple juice in here to soak our apples.

In order for me to fill my 6 trays with apples I will need 11 to 12 apples, I will also need some pineapple juice in which I will soak my sliced apples. The reason for using the juice is so the apples will not turn brown during drying and I think it also adds flavor to the apples.

Start by coring the apples first and then pealing the skin from them, immediately after pealing slice the apples about 1/4" thick, you can try thicker or thinner depending on your preference, personally I found that the 1/4" are crispy and have sufficient flavor.

After slicing put the apples slices in the pineapple juice, don't let the apple sit on the counter because they will turn brown, but if you did and they did change color don't worry there is nothing wrong with them, they are edible and safe so don't through them away. Leave the apples in the juice for about two minutes, I usually core, peal, and slice about three apples one after another and then I start putting them on the dehydrator, this gives enough time for the juice to do it's work and protect the apples from changing color.

Next step is simple, place your apple slices in the dehydrator and don't be afraid if the apple circles are touching each other, try to fit as much as possible on the trays.

Stack your trays and turn your dehydrator on to 135 degree if you have a temperature selector. It should take about 8 to 10 hours for your apples to dry, when they are done turn your trays upside down and remove the apples.



giz said…
A really good tutorial. It looks like we're thinking similar thoughts. Cinnamon is a great compliment to the apples and they're so delicious. It's easy to go crazy and forget that you're still eating calories and before you know it you've finished 4 apples :)