Great Waffle Recipe

There are many complicated waffle recipes available, but who has time to wait half a day before you can eat them. When I want some waffles I want them now not an hour later, so after trying multiple recipes, and adjusting them I hit a jack pot with this one.

I must warn you there is a special ingredient that I use and it makes the waffles nice and soft, the special ingredient is filmjölk, basically it's fermented milk. Don't worry if you don't have it you can just use plain milk, I do recommend though that you get your hands on some of it, it's really easy to take care of and has lots of health benefits, but that's a different topic, back to the waffles.

You will need basic ingredient, here is the list.

Dry ingredients

116 gram of all purpose flour

36 gram whole wheat flour

12 grams of sugar - I use raw sugar, if you will be using plain white you might want to use less than 12 grams, but that is up to you, depending how sweat you like your waffles.

2 teaspoons baking powder

some salt

Wet ingredient

3 eggs

40 grams of vegetable oil

100 grams of filmjölk - can be substituted with plain milk

290 grams of milk

Step 2

Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix them with a spoon, now add all the wet ingredients and use a mixer to mix all the ingredients until there will be no clumps in the mixture. While I am mixing the ingredients I turn on the waffle maker that will give sufficient time for it to heat up, and you can make waffles right after mixing. Or you can also let the the dough rest for five or so minutes that will make the waffles even more fluffy.

This recipe will make 4 full size waffles and if you would like more you can just multiply the ingredients by 2 or how many more times you would like.

Good Luck.


Waffles are right up my alley But My oldest daughter loves pancakes. Do you have good pancake recipe maybe one with fruit??