Bread & Pizza oven

I finally got to a stage with my pizza oven that I can bake in it. After having some complication I managed to figure out all the nicks of it and get it done. After completing the construction of the oven I had my first firing, starting with few small fires to help the cement set to a larger fire and finally on Friday I heated the oven like it supposed to be heated. I started with a small fire and filling the oven completely I let the fire burn out completely, after the fire was out I spread all the hot coal over the bottom of the hearth and just let it sit for few hours, then cleaned out and closed the door leaving the heat to equal out in the oven. After few hours passed I came back and fired the oven for the second time thus raising the heat even more, after the fire burned out the second time the oven was ready for some baking. My first bake in the oven was a pizza, unfortunately it stuck to my counter in the kitchen and i struggled getting it on the pizza peal, after finaly getting it on the peal it stuck to it also. My word of advice USE A LOT OF FLOWER. On my third pizza I used lots of flower and I had no problem getting it on the peal and off the peal but there was probably about 1/4" of flower on my counter and also with all the flower on it it cooked cleaner in the oven, it's just something that we learn as we go. This whole process was lots of fun although I'm not compleatly finished with the oven I'm ready to bake some bread.


michael said…
Hi Dimitry,

All it takes is practice. A baker once told me that the first 2,000 loaves were the most difficult. After that it was easy.
Instead of flour under your pizza and on your peel try semolina. It works better than flour and doesn't burn to a nasty, bitter residue like cornmeal at the high temps that you'll get in a wood-fired oven.

Take care and enjoy,

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Dimitry said…
Never used semolina will have to find some here in Portland OR and try with my next bake. Thanks for advice, and I agree practice is what counts like with everything else.