Barnacle Bill's

First restaurant review on here, but I just could not resist not mentioning this place.
Barnacle Bill's Seafood Market
2174 U.S. 101, Lincoln City, OR
(541) 994-3022

This place has the best smoked salmon in Oregon, if you ask me. I live in Portland but drove to Lincoln City to pick up some salmon cheeks, that's 2 hour drive each way. I know it might sound stupid but they have these salmon cheeks that are the most delicious. If you ever drive by that place  stop by to pick some up, the only problem is that they do not have them all the time, I learned that lesson before, so now if I need some I call in and they will hold them for me. The price is also great it's $5.99 per pound on the cheeks, but they are great. It's located on east side of 101 and might not look inviting when you see it but the food is awesome.  


I had salmon before not the cheek. I kind of nervous to try it.