Apples for winter

With the apple harvest just behind us now is a good time to get your hands on some inexpensive apples, if you live in parts of the country where they grow in abundance. Living on Oregon we are blessed with great apple harvest, and this year I decided to purchase some apples from a farmer for in home cider making. I was able to find a farmer who sold me a crate of apples for $150, and there is approximately 900 to 1000 pounds of apples. After getting the apples home I realized that cider press is not cheap, so i found one on craigslist for 300 but it was not working well so I decided to rebuild it, meanwhile one other thing that you can do with apples is dry them they make perfect snack for kids at home or to take them to school. I have a 6 tray dehydrator and I cant keep up with the demand at home for them. Later on I will share with you how I make them it is fairly easy, and does not take much time.