Probiotics 101

With all the health concerns that are surrounding us we hear more and more about alternative or complimentary medicine, but many of us have little knowledge as to what they are and what kind of benefits they bring to us. In this article I would like to talk about Probiotics, some of the issues we will discus is what are Probiotics, and what form are they available to consumer.

First there are few important facts that need to be mentioned in order for us to understand the depth of this issue.

*There are both good and bad microbes living in our body at same time.

*Good microbe improve our health, bad microbes cause illness in our body.

Our intestinal tract is home to one hundred trillion microorganisms.(yes that is with a T) Microorganisms are bacteria and yeast that we can not see with a human eye, and they are found all over the place, in our food, water, and air but the good thing is that 95% of all the microorganisms are good for us.

So what are probiotics? Acording to World Health Organization (WHO) Probiotics are live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host". In other words they are microorganisms that live in our body and are a benefit to our health. We have many organisms living inside our body starting from our mouth and all the way down to our anus is where we will find different microbes residing. On a average an adult will carry about four pounds of microbes in their intestinal tract, now which microbes strive that is what important to all of us.


Shiao-Ping said…
This is very interesting. No wonder the name of your blog is "Healthy living." So, THAT is on your mind all the time. Many people will find your topics informative and helpful to them as I do. Thank you for bringing that knowledge to us.
Dimitry said…
Yes probiotics are indeed very good for our health, and there are many food that have them naturally. Mostly all the food that are fermented will have probiotics, it's very healthy to consume probiotics on daily basis. There are also capsule type that you can get in health stores.