Simple Ways to Clean your Lifestyle

You can take the below small, simple, easy steps to clean your lifestyle; the steps are small but the benefits from it are big. I don't suggest you completely turn your life around in a week- as that may be hard on your wallet, on you, and on your family. You want to make the transition as painless and easy as possible, give yourself a month or two for the transition; transition to cleaner, simpler lifestyle.
First lets start with kitchen- Week 1
1. Water Bottles- Check your bottles, plastics with a number 7 on the bottom of it are not healthy for human consumption as it has been found to have carcigens, cancer causing agents, in it. Quite a few of the sports water bottles sold in the stores today, have a number 7. Please discard, preferably recycle, all of them this week.
2. Bottled Water- If you are currently using bottled water services, such as Culligan or Sierra Springs- please check the bottom of your bottle- most likely it's made out of number 7 plastic; and they are re-usable which only makes them more hazardous to your health, you are paying a premium for that hazard. Call them today to schedule a pick up. If need be install a filter in your kitchen, most of the water sources in our area- are clean and have necessary fluoride added to them. You can also contact your water provided to check your water if you are afraid of possible contaminants.
3. Melamine Dishes- These are the hard plastic dishes that are not breakable. Most of the children's dishes, with cartoon characters, or the ones that have divided compartments are made of the toxic material called melamine. By using these dishes you are scratching their surface through normal tear and wear and the toxic components that have been linked to reproductive damage and cancer are released and we digest them with our food. Understandably the older the melamine dish you have the more toxic it is. Get rid of these dishes today, especially if they are for your children. Children require a lot less of this toxic material in their little bodies to cause harm.
4. Teflon coated pots- Black coated/Nonstick frying pans- are one of the best inventions for the kitchen! If any of your pots or pans have scratches in them - please put them into your recycling bin today! Through normal use and tear and wear, tiny particles are scratched and are bounded to our food, food goes into our body (along with the Teflon particles), food leaves the body, Teflon particles acculate in our body. Heat baby food in non Teflon coated pots.
5. Windex - Windex is a great all purpose cleaner; however it's not the best, safest, cleanest item to use in the home. If you have been using Windex on your countertops- because it does such a great job of not leaving streaks and making the countertop sparkle- please stop using it in the kitchen today. Countertops is where we prepare food, our food touches the surface that has just been cleaned in the process contaminating it, no need for that extra sparkle. Try baking soda, sprinkle baking soda take a rag or a sponge and work it through, it takes all kinds of stuff and residue off, while leaving a clean, without streaks countertop.
6. Cleaning Supplies- If you are storing your cleaning supplies under your kitchen sink- please take the time today to collect them all and move them to the garage or shed. It may not be as convenient, but it sure will help you in getting your lifestyle clean. First of all, little kids have a tendency to get their hands into everything- and that is just such a convenient place for them to do that, we don't want them to be touching any of the cleaners, left alone inhaling or swallowing them. Second, because there is hot water running through the pipes under the kitchen sinks, the environment in that cabinet may be hazardous; as the pipes heat the air, air heats the chemicals and the hazardous fumes are released into air, for the family to inhale.
7. House Plant- Look and preferably purchase a life plant that you may enjoy in your kitchen. Plants are a natural way to clean air and filter out all kinds of contaminants out of the air in your house. You only need a six inch plant to filter air in a 100 sf ft area.