Bread Oven Construction

Today I started my day yet with another trip to our local store to purchase some mortar so I could start laying the first layer of blocks. I purchased six bags and used about 1 1/2 for the first layer, I will probably will not use that much, the reason that I had to use so much is that my slab was not leveled, I knew that that would be the case because part of my slab is actual an old porch which has a decline away from the home.

After getting back from the store first I decided to draw with chalk the actual dimension of the outer wall of the block, on this picture you can see that I have drawn the line that go from back to front and from side to side. I also pulled a string on the line so I could make sure that my wall would be straight.

After making the front wall I started with the sides and and than went to the back wall. You will notice that my first layer in the front does not have the opening in the front and the reason is that the whole depth will be filled with gravel and another slab will be poured in, the reason for this extra step is that later I am planning to build a deck around the oven and it will be raised on the heights of the block.
This is the finished first layer of blocks I will let them sit over night and tomorrow will start to fill in the center with rock and gravel. The outside dimensions of the bread oven are 176 inches deep and 164 inches wide. basically it's 4 blocks wide and 4 blocks deep.