Household Chemicals affect on Immune Systems

Pesticides can penetrate our body in more than one way, through our skin, by breathing, through water and food; in 21st century the amount of chemical exposure has increased tremendously and our health problems also increased with it. Most people are not aware of the amount of chemicals that we are exposed to, but once you learn of the pesticide problem you will be surprised what you have in your body.

Our body was created to absorb and filter out the chemicals that inter it, liver and other body organs are constantly fighting, filtering and disposing the chemicals that we consume, but through our life span the increased exposure to pesticides can stress our body to a point that it will no longer be able to filter out the harmful particles, thus damaging our body functions and eventually the systems that were made to stop them.

One of the important systems that each one of us have is the immune system. The purpose of our immune system is to detect when something is wrong, attack it, and fix it. For example lets say you are walking down the street and you breathed in a pollen from a tree, normally your immune system will not do anything, but if it was a virus your immune system would detect that it is harmful to you, then it will send T cells that will destroy the virus. This is a short version of the function of our immune system, it is one of the most important systems in our body because it fights against external harm and harm or mishaps in your body that might occur.

Can our Immune System be damaged

Although not many people think that they can damage there immune system-it can be done; surprisingly it is more common than you would think. Simple things like stress can weaken our immune system, chemicals that are around our home, pesticides, and other life style choices all can cause damage to our immune system. It has been proven that some pesticides can cause irreversible damage to our immune system. Although many of us suffer from different diseases that we are fighting against, not many are actually targeting the true problem, our weakened immune system.

What to Do

You will find many sites and many individuals suggesting the need to rebuild or strengthen our immune system by consuming supplements or by drinking herbal remedies. Not many though focus on the importance of eliminating items that actually are damaging the immune system. Although improving our vitamin intake is certainly beneficial not only to the immune system but also to our body as a whole, we must not forget that in order to fix something we need to stop harming it. Some of the suggestions will tell us to change our life style, although it is hard for us to let go of things that we are used to, it must be done, the sooner the better. Our exposure to chemicals and chemically treated or injected substances is growing on daily bases, from meats that were treated with antibiotics to sun screen that has chemicals in it which are absorbed through our skin; all off those chemicals are attacking and harming our immune system.

We should

  • Stay away as much as possible from using pesticides in our yards and gardens.
  • Pay attention to what kind of meats we purchase from the store, many of them will be treated with antibiotics and hormones.
  • Avoid drinking to much coffee or tea (two regular cups should be OK).
  • Stay away from processed foods rather prepare your own from scratch.
  • Limit or avoid deep fried food because when the oil is heated to frying degree it becomes harmful.
  • Try to switch to organic and natural products they are more healthy.
  • Don't be lazy if you live in a home or even in an apartment, try growing some vegetables it will benefit you in multiple ways, you will be able to grow organic vegetables and also you will be forced to be outside more-tending to the garden thus getting out of the house and being more active.
These are just a few ways that we can enhance our life style, by having small changes. Don't go nuts over it and start cleaning your fridge out throwing all you got, but instead as you purchase new supplies, or new food try to follow a simple rule, get the things that are as simply made as possible whether that's in food or your cleaning products the more natural the better.

Here is an interesting video on how the immune system works.