Healing Your Allergies

Some interesting facts that I found on liferesearchuniversal web page. This is a list of things that all off us net to do in order to start healing our Immune systems, thus eventually healing our allergies. Following this guide will not only benefit people with allergy but will greatly improve each one's overall well being.

Avoid white sugar, and everything made with it. The process of chemically whitening sugar is toxic. As a substitute use unpasteurized honey, maple syrup or unbleached turbinaro sugar. Sweetening can also be achieved with concentrated natural fruit juice.

Avoid bleached flours, and everything made with it.

Avoid all processed foods, including the frozen pre-packaged types.

Be especially vigilant in your selection of meat products, and avoid the processed verities, as many commercially grown animals are exposed to high levels of pesticides, antibiotics, steroids and questionable dietary sources.

Thoroughly wash all fresh fruits and vegetables in warm water adding a few drops of a quality dish soap. Rinse well.

Know your food, and understand the labels. Check out the Food Additives Guide in this site.

Eat whole foods, and prepare your meals at home using fresh, natural products. Concentrate your diet on a large variety of items, avoiding heavy consumption of saturates primarily found in red meats.

Establish an eating schedule. It may be that 3 large meals per day isn't what's best for you; perhaps 4 or 5 smaller ones will be better. Know which combination of food groups go well together.

Regularly practice juice fasting. This will cleanse your system of toxins and residues.

Avoid smoking and heavy alcohol consumption ( research points to having a small amount of red wine per day is actually beneficial, although we suggest that it is hard to limit ones self to just a bit without it becoming a problem so it's best to avoid or only on occasion ). Heavy coffee consumption is to be avoided ( 1 or 2 regular cups per day is not considered harmful )

Avoid fried foods and foods cooked in oil. When oil is heated to cooking temperatures it begins to break down and has been identified as a carcinogen. Saute your vegetables in broth, beer, water or white wine.

Routinely practice under-eating.

Incorporate into your daily routine a regiment of moderate exercise, such as walking, biking or swimming and strive to live in harmonious surroundings that contribute to inner peace.

Take time to stop and appreciate the beauty around you, and give thanks.