Food Waste Recycling

In the past few days I have bin on a search to find some free food for my rabbits that I raised and had an idea, why do our grocery stores throw away there fruits and veges? why not put them to a good use like recycling them for animal feed or compost. Today I went over to a few produce markets and talked to them about being able to take there soiled or bruised waste for feed, fortunately for me in three different markets I was able to come to an agreement with them regarding piking up what I need. One of them asked me to bring a garbage can with a lid and they would fill it and I can pick it up few times a week, the others said that it would be OK and just take it from there bins. Driving back from them I stooped by Safeway and asked the same quastion, the produce manager was fast at saying NO and was actualy prity roud tourds me. It would be nice if our stores would be more oppen to healp local farmers and would actualy try to find eco friendly ways to healp the enviroment.