FDA to look in to Bisphenol A

FDA is starting a fresh investigation in to the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA). After saying that the chemical is not harmful to humans just a year ago, FDA decided to look at the studies once again, but not before two congressmen requested a review of there findings. Not more than a year ago FDA stated that it was safe but they were influenced heavily by the industry that uses BPA in there product.

Some studies have linked BPA to multiple health risks from development problems to even cancer. There are over 150 different reports out there that show that BPA is harmful, but the FDA decided to fall back on 2 that were sponsored by the industry, it makes you wander who are they truly working to protect. After the users gathered together and created a new organization to promote BPA, and at the same time suggested using FEAR TACTICS to force on people product with BPA, multiple organization were voiced there outrage and the people became furious about the extend that they would go to to protect there bottom line.

But trust me the although the news of FDA looking in to BPA safety is great, the fight is not over.