CocaCola and the BPA Chemical

Late last month multiple companies that use BPA in there bottles gathered together to discus how they can persuade the general public and the legislation to be more open towards BPA. Companies like Coca Cola and other large corporations together with the metal industry have agreed to be more aggressive in regards of BPA, not caring about your and mine concern they only worry about there bottom line. They have decided to target young mothers and create media advertisements to tell people that there is not really a problem with BPA. They even went as far as suggesting using fear tactics to scare people not to voice against BPA. It is unfortunate that the large corporation do not pay attention to the problems that BPA can cause, and the long term health risk to all the people but only worry about themselves. We should join the efforts to fight against the industry that is ready to use scare tactics to force a harmful chemical on all the people, write to your state representatives and tell them your concern also call Coca Cola and tell them that you are disappointed with there approach and how they are conducting them self. If you would like to read the complete article click HERE.