Chemicals in Breast Milk

One of the most organic and beneficial food to a child is Breast Milk, or so we thought. In multiple studies it has bin proven that the 21st century breast milk could be infected with chemicals, and many of the chemicals are in our body stored away in fat tissue so when our body is in need to use that fat to produce the milk the chemicals that are stored away are also in the milk that the baby consumes. Over 100 chemicals has bin found in breast milk and many of those are our every day household cleaning supplies. Although many mother watch them self on how they use chemicals during pregnancy, we do not pay attention as much after giving birth, and it might be to late to worry about chemicals during pregnancy. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying we should go ahead and use every thing we want, I am advocating that we watch are use of Chemicals not only during pregnancy but years and years before, in other words stop using Chemicals.

There are many ways that we can improve quality of our health and we can start by reducing the use of chemicals, switching to all organic cleaners, and making your own cleaning supply. The is not only with household chemicals but it has bin found that chemicals that are in as common things as son block can affect the quality of our breast milk. We need to pay more attention on what we breathe in and what we put on our body. Our grant parents did not have these problems and I bet that even our parents had less exposure to chemicals than we do, so we can only hope that this will not affect our children's health in the long run.