BPA in your Teath

Multiple states have banned product that contain BPA in them, especially product that is made for children. It has bin found that BPA can leach out from plastic bottles, baby formula cans, and other products, when we consume the product it is absorbed by us. Children are the most vulnerable, because there body cannot filter out the chemical as fast and effectively as adults.

While FDA is still proclaiming that the levels in humans are safe, over 150 studies have shown that there is a health risk for people, the risks range from reproductive disses to cardiovascular problems. Recently a new study showed that people might have higher levels of BPA in there urine than previously thought.

Although we all know that it is found in plastic but not many were aware about BPA being used in dental product. Yes it is true that BPA is used in some sealants and composites. Although they claim that the exposure to it is minimal it is a shame to know that such harmful chemicals are used in dental practice. You can read the whole article and finding from the American Dental Association (ADA). As FDA is promising to look in to BPA once more it is a shame to know that they would even approve something like this.