Apple Cider Vinegar Against Allergy

For people who are forced to live with allergy's finding a natural way to cure them is the ultimate answer but how to know what works and what doesn't? For my family I found a recipe that supposedly is supposed to help, and many people said that it did work for them. The mixture is simple to make and is not to bad to drink, basically its 1/8 th of a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar with 16 oz of water mix it and sip it all, many feedback said that it helped them but both my son and my wife took it for over 3 days and it did not affect there allergy at all. Now don't get me wrong and try it, it did not work for me but you never know it might help your allergy's. There are many different natural ways that are supposed to help the allergy's but don't be fooled not all of them actually help everyone.