What is allergy

My son who is eight years old started developing allergy's last year, and more and more of my friends children are having allergy's, so I decided to look into what is an allergy and what is causing them to appear in people who perhaps never had allergy's.

An allergic reaction is basically when the immune systems over reacts to certain things ether in the air or could also be food and other allergy triggers, but for today we will focus on the pollen allergy which are mainly seasonal and also vary from weather conditions. When our most individuals will not react to the substances in the air, people who have allergy's will develop ether runny nose, excessive sneezing, runny or swollen eyes, and other symptoms. This is a Short version on what is an allergic reaction but how we can treat and cure this is the bigger issue. Together with my son my wife started to develop allergy symptoms, although they are not as severe as with my son she is getting an itchy nose and sneezes more (and she is a loud sneezer), I know that there is medicine to cure this but I would like to find a more natural way to fix the problem. So I am going to find ways that we can fight and restore our immune systems to not get all hyper about some simple pollens in the air, instead focus on the bigger picture. In the following articles I will try to give as much info on natural and organic ways to improve our quality of life.


Vit said…
Interesting topic... Interesting to me because I have allergies as your son does. I did research before and natural solution to resolve this problem is to drink colostrum. Do you know what colostrum is? It's a special milk, yellow to orange in color and thick and sticky. Most species will generate colostrum within one or two day of giving birth. You can use colostrum from human or cow to fight and restore our immune system.

Research shows how specific components derived from colostrum may benefit individuals with allergies. These components are important in the process of cell-mediated immunity. Colostrum contains PRP, also known as colostrinin or transfer factor, which is a powerful immune modulator that can help tone down the overactive immune response that leads to allergies.

Colostrum also contains a variety of antibodies directed against allergens that affect humans. The cow builds up antibodies to the allergens, which are then transferred through the colostrum to help the allergic individual minimize the allergic response.

so, next question is: where do we find colostrum?
Dimitry said…
Yes it is a great product that can work for improving not only allergy but over all health of a person. There is multiple places were you could purchase Colostrum in different forms like tablets, liquid, and even frozen.

Although many are available on the market it is always best to find a local source like a farm that collects and freezes. I checked out the local Craig List and found a few people selling frozen Colostrum from Goats. The best Colostrum is from goats although you can get it from sheep, or cow, but the goat one is the best. It might be better quality and better to purchase one locally but personally I would probably prefer the tablet forms.

As for my self I would like to find something that is a little easier to come across or perhaps something that can be grown in an urban garden that might improve the Allergies.