Our Air our Health

It is well known fact that the quality of AIR we breathe directly affects our Health, we hear a lot in these days about the pollution, smog, and how it is harmful for our health, but very few of us know that the air in our homes is 50 to 70 percent more polluted than the air outside. I live in Oregon and trust me we get some rainy days here in the NW with all that gloom and doom were forced to spend a large portion of our life in our homes but unfortunately for all of us we tend to forget the risk that we are faced with on daily bases. Until recently I had know idea about the harm that might be done to my health and the health of my children by me just using chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, and other chemicals indoors, yes it makes our life easy when we spray Windex all over our windows but we forget how harmful it is for our children who are running around the home and to our self when we inhale those chemicals that are floating through the air. We huff and puff while we clean our patio door but with every huff and puff we take more and more harmful chemicals enter our lungs.

What should we do?


One of the important things each one of us can do is stop and think for a minute before doing any activity that may have potential harm to our health. In ideal world we would stop using chemical based cleaners and perhaps switch to more organic like baking soda, vinegar, and other commercially available product. Its hard to brake a habit but we all need to start some day, look at us more and more people are sick with respiratory disease, asthma is a common think for many people, and if it was not for the modern medicine our life span would be much shorter than it is today, thanks to all the springs and gadgets that they are able to put inside of people to help us see another day. What happened to the people having healthy harts, livers, and being healthy to a ripe old age? it is my belief that with the rush in our society, the luxuary of having things done easier, we are ruining our health and I would like to healp bring awarnes to all of us about how important the little things are.