Bread Oven Day2

Today in the morning I went and purchased 10-80lb concrete bags and started to pour my footing corners the only problem is that about half way through I realized that I was short on concrete so had to go and purchase 10 more bags of which I used 6 to complete this. Luckily for me we have Lowe's about five minutes away from our home so I mixed my concrete with a little more watter so it would not set as fast while I went to the store. The only bad thing about this day is that it's 85 degree outside and I am mixing concrete. Here are the pictures of the finished product.

You can see that I put wire in the concreate to make it stronger so the corners would not setle down after I add all the wait of the oven.

I used diffrent wire links that I had laying around the house to reinforce it and also I left some stiking up that will conect to my second slab that will be poured after I lay the first layer of blocks. (This layer is not needed in tipical construction I have this extra step because I am building a deck around my oven so I have to bring the floar up so the ashes would not fall on any wood. You will see later wat I mean if it's not clear now)
This is the picture of the some of the wire coming out from under the concreate it is bened under and is layd flat about 1" abouv ground then I will bend it up and conect it to the top layer of concreate.