How to Build a Bread Oven

I have decided to build a bread oven in our back yard and impliment that in to the outdoor kitchen, after doing some research I had hard time to find instructions on how to build one so I purchased a book called The Bread Builders by Daniel Wing and Alan Scott, it's a great book and if you are planing to build an oven I would recomend you to get this book. After doing some reading I decided to start the actual work so today was my first day, ofcoarse I picked the hotest day to dig out the foundation but nevertheleas I have officialy started. During the construction phase I decided to take pictures and share the story with all of you who might find it interesting, so here is the proces with images and description.

First I did a lay out from blocks the shape of the base of the oven, after compleating that i increased it by about 4" so my concreate slab will be larger so I could put up the finish matterial on the face of the oven when it is compleated.

You will notice that I have some concreate lab that I am leaving that is because I have chosen to put my oven on the corner ov my curent concreate deck.

You might add why I am not taking out the concreat but just ading the corners? I will Explain After I will compleate the corners I will raise the whole construction up one block and after that will pour the inside with concreat. I will do that because I am going to raise my whole deck out of cedar about the same hights.

Here I have compleated diging out the corners for the foundation. Later I will also add wire and rebar to thease corners and conect tham with the upper slab that will be poured inside the blocks.
I have compleated puting the forms and drew the leveled line inside so I would be able to make sure that the slab will be leveled with the edge of the oven where it will sit on the old concreate deck.
I had to cut the day short do to the 85 degrees that is outside so I will go to Home Depot to purchase the concreate and in the morning work on the slab. So for tonight thats all I Got.